Spa Bath

We care for your Pet


First, we brush your Pet to loosen dirt, then we prepare him for a Hydrobath and Premium Shampoo.

Our experts take care of sensitive areas like your pet’s eyes and ears, but we scrub them vigorously to leave them squeaky clean!

Include & Exclude
Massage Bath
Brush and Fluff Dried
Nails Clipped and Filed
Towel Drying
Ear Cleaning
Breath Freshener

Grooming Equipment for Dogs That You Must Have

To attain superior grooming results, you must be prepared with the fundamentals. Whether you groom for a living or merely to keep your pets looking their best, there are a few basic equipment you will need to get started. So, you must know about Pet grooming near me. A few instances with brief explanations are provided below.

  • Brushes for Dogs – Brushes are classified into three types: bristle, wire-pin, and slicker. Bristle dog brush is very versatile and may be used to remove growing mats, separate layer for clipping, and style hair. Wire pin dog brushes are available with or without rubber tip bristles and are best suited for dogs with thick or woolly fur. Slicker dog brushes feature finer wire brushes and are typically used on dogs with extensive undercoats are rarely utilised. So, surf about Pet grooming near me
  • Combs – Combs exist in a variety of sizes and styles for a variety of uses. They can be fine-toothed, medium-toothed, or wide-toothed dog comb; some come with a mix of all three for your comfort. On silky and soft coats, fine-tooth combs are often employed. Medium-tooth combs are useful for a variety of tasks. Wide-tooth combs are great for thick coats and may be used to remove obstinate mats.
  • Dog Clippers and Blades – This category of grooming tools is hotly contested among groomers, with everyone having their preferred brand and characteristics. The same is true for practically every sort of product. You simply need to choose the best one for you. Some types include quick-change snap-on blades, while others need the use of tools to change the blades. Clipper usage and upkeep is a critical component of the professional grooming school and training programme curriculum. Clipper combs with snap-on attachments have made grooming more efficient.
  • Scissors & Shears – Just like clippers, every groomer has distinct tastes and views regarding various types of scissors. Straight, curved, blunt-tipped, and thinning-specific scissors are all available. Professional school courses and training programs often teach cases how and when to use the various types. It is preferable to get high-quality scissors and shears straight away rather than being forced to replace them quickly or being plagued by having to operate with dull or broken blades.
  • Bathing Supplies – You would believe that this simply covers dog shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. It goes even beyond than that. This category contains anything from wall-mounted wash stations to stainless steel tubs with conveniently operated shower heads. There are also dispensers for all of your shampoos and other liquids.


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Pet Grooming Orlando is Making your pet friendly. Grooming a dog is like caring for fine jewelry. You get the most out of it when you treat it well and keep it clean.

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